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How to Buy Auto Insurance in Florida

You must obtain auto insurance before you register and operate a personal motor vehicle in Florida. If you fail to maintain auto insurance on any vehicle registered in your name, your license to drive in Florida can be suspended.

Who is covered under your auto-insurance policy in Florida? In almost all cases, auto-insurance policies in Florida provide driver coverage for:

  • Insured
  • Spouses
  • Family members

Make sure your auto insurance applies coverage to those three types of people when they’re operating your vehicle. If not, you could be underinsured.

Florida also allows you to build extra protection into your auto-insurance policy. Speak with your Good Greek Insurance agent about including other, non-family members as covered persons under your auto policy.

Factors that influence your auto-premium rates include the make, model, and age of car you drive, your driving history, where you intend to drive the vehicle, how you intend to use the vehicle, your gender, your age and your credit history.

Talk to your insurance agent about the amount of insurance coverage you should carry, given your current position in life. Your Good Greek Insurance agent can help you decide whether the costs of certain pieces of auto insurance are worth the investment.

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Work with Your Agent to Determine Your Auto Insurance Cost/Benefit Needs

You’re tasked with determining how much auto-insurance protection you need. Speak with your Good Greek Insurance agent to figure out which pieces of an all-encompassing auto-insurance policy are recommended at this stage of your life.

In Florida, only personal-injury protection (PIP) and property-damage liability (PDL) must be obtained. The minimum coverage allowed is $10,000 for each of those two required components. Other pieces of an auto-insurance protection plan that strives for full coverage can include:

  • Bodily-injury liability
  • Uninsured-motorists coverage
  • Medical-payments coverage
  • Collision coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Towing and labor coverage
  • Rental reimbursement coverage

Drivers who have caused accidents resulting in injury or death, as well as those with certain citations, are subject higher minimum coverage amounts. Drivers who have been convicted of DUI must purchase special auto insurance.

Coverage amounts and conditions can be adjusted to conform to your financial- risk profile. Your insurance agent can help you compare costs among multiple providers of auto-insurance plans and components.

Ask your Great Greek Insurance agent to explain any exclusions or limitations that are included in the auto-insurance policy you select. Those exclusions and limitations can affect your reimbursement rates, so you want to be fully aware of them.

Questions to ask your insurance agent about auto insurance include:

  • Does my auto insurance cover me, my spouse and my family as drivers?
  • Should I purchase insurance to cover others when they drive my vehicle?
  • Do I need more than $10,000 worth of coverage for PIP and PDL?
  • Should I pick collision or full comprehensive to cover my vehicle?
  • Should I buy uninsured motorists or medical costs insurance?
  • Is it worth including towing, labor and rental costs in my auto coverage?
  • Do I have to pay special auto insurance fees because of my background?
  • Can you help me file my auto insurance claim in the event of an accident?

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